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Rating Horses

A ratings service designed to help you narrow down the field and find those big priced hidden gems

Our powerful software and algorithms generate our ratings  data each evening before racing

The ratings allow you to build systems, many of our members have had great success in building profitable system portfolios. Our system builder is easy to use and will enable you to find your system selections in seconds!

We have a ratings data archive stretching back to April 2017 to help you along the way


We have two sets of ratings These are the R1 & R2. One hundred different criteria are used to give each horse a rating. Trainer form, horse form, historic trainer runs, going stats, draw bias etcare just a small amount of data we use


The 'OFS' is an algorithm we use taking in data from the Racing Post Rating (RPR), Top Speed (TS) & Official Rating (OR). Each horse is given a rating and a rank for each race


A new developed rating that takes in to account all the data on our daily spreadsheet. Each element of data is placed in order of importance and is given a 'score'. This develops a Power Rating which has been a great success since launch


Our data spreadsheets give horse & trainer form information. Official Ratings for last six runs, plus previous high/low mark. Horse Speed rank, highlighted positive & negative draw bias for flat races. Our system builder will also help you to find system selections in just a few seconds

What You Get

Each evening our software gets to work on the ratings for the following days racing action

Our software uses thousands of criteria and algorithms to produce a rating for each horse in every race, all UK & Irish races are covered daily

These ratings are then automatically sent to your email inbox each evening

Our Top Rated horses win 31% of races, so this is a great starting point for anyone looking to develop their own systems

We have recently introduced a new Power Rating which takes in to account all data across our spreadsheet, this has been a great addition

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