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Ratinghorses.com will only provide the service to those who are over the legal age for gambling, and in countries where gambling is permitted. If we suspect you may be foul of these legal requirements, then you are not permitted to use our service. By accessing this website you are agreeing that your the legal age for gambling.

All subscriptions are the responsibility of the member. If a payment has been skipped/missed you will be removed from our listings until payment has been made, it is the responsibility of the member to notify us when payment has been taken by PayPal or any other method used when purchasing, only then will we re-add the member to our listings. You may get charged and not receive the service if you do not notify us

We will not accept any abuse via email or other.

Anyone abusing any of our staff in any manner will be immediately excluded from all services and products with no refunds given.

Anyone found (or we have suspicion of) forwarding our data on to a non- paying third party will be removed immediately from our listingswith no refunds given.


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