A very genuine service and I can assure you that they definitely know their stuff. Darren from DazysBetting.

'I have been one of your subscribers for a while now but time pressures etc have prevented me from emailing you to express my great appreciation of your ratings and their success. Yes, Hajras was a cracker, I just wish I had a little more on. It won in spectacular style. Your success is encouraging me to be more organised and professional in my approach. Well done, your daily email is eagerly waited in this house. It is the best horse racing service I have come across in years, and I have tried a lot I can tell you'! Colin, Leeds.

'I look forward to your morning email, I seem to have struck gold and not before time. I must have explored over 80 tipping services, enough to know the vast majority are cowboys. I'm up over £470 using small stakes in just two months following my own strategies used within your spreadsheet, its impossible that i will ever go back to negative territory. Well done, do keep it up'. Richard, Swansea.

'Last email today i promise, just so amazed by today's racing. I combined you R1 & R2 ratings with my own strategies and made a profit of £420. Payed for the year x2 and then some! Have a great weekend, I know I will'. Matt, Stratford.

'Love the layout of your data, there's so much of it but so easy to navigate'. Christopher, Blackpool.

More testimonials available on request.