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Take a look at these fantastic profits

Year One


Year Two


Total Profit: £2,944.50

Strike Rate: 35.84%

ROI: 19.47%

to £20 stakes

These fantastic profits come from our fabulous National Hunt system

Today you can grab this system at a discounted price

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The fabulous National Hunt system finds you a mixture of win and each way tips at level stakes

Staking at just £20 win or £10 each way has shown £2,944.50 in just two years

All you need is access to our basic horse ratings, the system and you're ready to go!

Finding qualifying picks takes less than five minutes each day

If you work during the day, no problem. Our horse ratings are delivered to your email inbox each evening before racing around 7.30 pm. Open your email, download your horse ratings, follow the criteria, place your bets from the comfort of your armchair in minutes

 It's that simple!

Check out just some of the system winners ...

Tingo In The Tale (EW) > WON 16/1, Global Tour (EW) > WON 11/2, Onurbike (EW) > WON 13/2, Frightened Rabbit (WIN) > WON 9/2, Bennys Secret (WIN) > WON 9/2, Oriental Cross (WIN) > WON 9/2, Casimir Du Clos (EW) > WON 6/1, Mah Mate Bob (WIN) > WON 9/2, Zolfo (WIN) > WON 7/1, Lily The Pink (WIN) > WON 9/2, Tactical Manouevre (WIN) > WON 9/2, Roxyfet (WIN) > WON 7/1, Earth Moor (EW) > WON 7/1, Collodi (WIN) > WON 9/2, Cheltenham De Vaige (EW) > WON 14/1, Purple King (WIN) > WON 9/2, Boys On Tour (WIN) > WON 9/2, Mille Of Mayo (EW) > WON 6/1, Brandon Castle (WIN) > WON 9/2, Chantecler (EW) > WON 6/1, Ever So Much (WIN) > WON 6/1, Pink Sheets (WIN) > WON 9/2, Tayzar (EW) > WON 7/1, Sammylou (EW) > WON 6/1, Memphis Bell (WIN) > WON 9/2, Big Penny (EW) > WON 10/1, Nuts Well (EW) > WON 18/1, Graystown (EW) > WON 6/1, Jersey Bean (EW) > WON 17/2, Coole Cody (EW) > WON 18/1, Kendelu (EW) > WON 6/1, First Man (EW) > WON 12/1, Perfect Candidate (EW) > WON 9/1, Donald Dux (EW) > WON 5/1, Mount Windsor (EW) > WON 11/2, Volcano (EW) > WON 5/1, Mint Condition (EW) > WON 5/1, Gortroe Joe (EW) > WON 7/1, Mr Jack (EW) > WON 5/1, Brequet Boy (EW) > WON 7/1, Cheque En Blanc (WIN) > WON 9/2, Jai Froid (EW) > WON 7/1, Umbrigado (EW) > WON 13/2, Volcano (EW) > WON 13/2, The Shunter (WIN) > WON 9/2, Saint Dalina (EW) > WON 7/1, Steal A March (EW) > WON 15/2, Lord Sparky (EW) > WON 5/1, Millie The Minx (WIN) > WON 7/1, Out For Justice (EW) > WON 7/1, Tipalong Tyler (EW) > WON 9/1, Go Steady (WIN) > WON 9/2, Valseuar Du Granval (WIN) > WON 7/1, Landofsmiles (EW) > WON 17/2, Empire De Maulde (WIN) > WON 9/2, Easkey Lad (EW) > WON 6/1, Sheriff Garret (EW) > WON 7/1, Sword Of Fate (EW) > WON 5/1, Hunting Percival (EW) > WON 8/1, Pammi (EW) > WON 5/1, Stanley Stanley (EW) > WON 5/1, Breaking The Ice (WIN) > WON 9/2, Jamacho (EW) > WON 12/1

This is just a small portion of our winners, to date there have been over 270 winners with a strike rate of 36%

The button above takes you to the full Super 6 system results, please click on the National Hunt tab to view results for this system

How would you like access to the simple criteria that has made these profits?

Find profitable qualifying picks in five minutes each evening from the comfort of your armchair!


We are pleased to announce this years fabulous Halloween offer

For this weekend only we selling a limited amount of National Hunt system manuals

You will receive a PDF manual with the all important criteria enabling you to find the qualifying picks

Also included will be a tutorial help video which shows you how easy it is to find the selections

The team are also nearby with fantastic customer service if you have any queries


Purchase a National Hunt system manual today and you will receive the BONUS SYSTEM!

The Bonus system works on ALL codes of horse racing in UK & Ireland all through the year

The Bonus system has made over 1,000 points profit since 2015

That's over £10,000 to £10 per point stakes (all bets are 2 point win or 1 point each way)

The Bonus system manual includes the all important criteria to find qualifying picks, plus a tutorial demo video showing how to find the selections in a few minutes each day

Get immediate access now * Limited manuals available * Member & non member offers available

*Please note: You will require a membership to our horse ratings to find qualifying picks for both systems


For all current subscribers

* PDF manual  for National Hunt system

* PDF manual for Bonus system

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* Not yet a subscriber

* PDF manual for National Hunt system

* PDF manual for Bonus system

* Bronze membership for 1 year 

(normally £91 per year)

Only £149

The National Hunt system has excelled over the past two years in the hardest niche in horse racing

'Jumps' racing is renown for being extremely difficult to make long term profits from, but this system has provided outstanding profits to date

The Bonus system is unique in the fact that it works on all codes of horse racing in UK & Ireland. You can follow all picks or specialise on your own favourites such as flat turf or may be the All-Weather, the choice is yours

Purchase one of the above offers and receive your system manuals immediately

Now is the time to start making profits from the comfort of your armchair for just a few minutes 'work' each day!

It's been a turbulent few years for us all, at Rating Horses we don't need an excuse to celebrate an event!

Now, we're aware that Halloween is not everyones 'cup of tea', but now you've seen our super offer we're confident you'll soon become a fan, enjoy!

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